Pokémon x Mod APK (1.0) Download for Android

All games of the Pokemon series are worth playing, such as Pokemon X. This game is best to play with friends, or you can play it alone; you will enjoy it in both ways.
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December 20, 2021
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All games of the Pokemon series are worth playing, such as Pokemon X. This game is best to play with friends, or you can play it alone; you will enjoy it in both ways. The most striking feature of Pokémon X Mod APK (Unlocked/Money/coins) is its fully 3D polygonal graphics, a fixture of console releases but a first for the main series.

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Pokémon x Mod Apk

Pokémon x Mod APK

A wide variety of clothing and accessories are available for customizing your player character. Your hairstyle is also customizable. There are several unique features that you will enjoy. There is nothing that you find hard to understand here. The gameplay is also best and easy to understand.

The best thing about this game is that you can find any player worldwide and compete with them. You can search for the players by using the Player Search System. Players can see each other’s avatars, general locations, and short greetings on this small social network. This hasn’t allowed anyone to grief the game so far, and so far, it’s been a lot of fun.

Features of Pokémon x Mod Apk

Pokemon X has a lot of features that are worth seeing. Let’s discuss them gradually.

Trading Anywhere

Trading with other players in this game is possible at virtually any time as you are in the game. You are not restricted to the Pokémon Centers! To trade with another player, tap their icon in the PSS, then tap the trade button. Players offer up a Pokémon in exchange for a Wonder Trade, a simplified trade.


This franchise has a new feature called O Powers. With O Powers, you can provide local and global power-ups to random strangers. From boosting Pokéball catch rates to regenerating your health during a battle, O Powers offers a wide range of benefits.

Mr. Bonding is one of the characters who randomly appears in Kalos towns, often in hotels, and offers new O Powers. You are encouraged to use O Powers as often as possible, and as you use more of them, they will become more powerful.

Amie Added

The Pokemon-Amie feature turns your Pokemon into virtual pets! Pokemon gets its customized area where it can be pampered, played minigames with, and fed Poké Puffs.

3D Graphics

All Pokemon series games provide 3D graphics. That’s why this version also comes with 3D graphics and stunning visuals. You will have a natural feel when you play in a realistic environment, along with pleasant background sounds.

Ease of Transportation

Players can now walk diagonally with the eight-way grid rather than the four-way grid in previous games. Roller Skating is now possible, at least under certain conditions, and free-roaming without a grid. Bikes also work in this way.

Players can navigate obstacles with roller skates and grind. Specific locations allow the rider to ride Skiddo, Mamoswine, and Rhyhorn, destroying rocks and crossing broken paths. You can also ride a gorgon in Lumiose City, but only along a set way.

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How to Download and Install Pokémon x Mod Apk?

  • You can download Pokémon x Mod apk for Android or iOS devices by clicking on the link provided.
  • The apk can be found in your Downloads folder after it has been downloaded.
  • Go to Downloads and see the game.
  • Once it has been downloaded, install it.
  • If your privacy settings allow it, the installation process may ask you to enable installations from unknown sources.
  • When that is done, the game will be downloaded.


This game is a perfect source of joy for you. There are a lot of stunning features that you will find worth playing in Pokémon x. It is the best game of its series. You can download and install this game conveniently from our link. If you face any trouble, write to us in the comment section.


1. Is Pokemon X or Y better?

Pokemon X and Y differ most notably in legendaries and mega evolutions. While these legendaries can inflict severe damage on high-level trainers, they both have their unique abilities. Version-exclusive Pokemon is where Y takes the lead over X.

2. How many hours is Pokemon X Mod APK?

Pokémon X and Y lengthen to about 3.5 hours when focusing on the main objectives. It may take you around 2.1 hours to obtain 100% completion if you are a gamer who strives to see every aspect of the game.

3. Which is the most brutal Pokemon game?

With all the polish that the original Sinnoh games lacked, Pokemon Platinum deserves the most brutal Pokemon game title.

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