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PocketGamer commented: "Perfect vertical game experience of TapTap Heroes will completely subvert your imagination of ordinary idle RPG games." The classic idle card game with a cumulative download of more than 20 million times - TapTap Heroes' 4th anniversary celebration is about to start.
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Jul 21, 2023
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TapTap Heroes mod apk is a popular smartphone game that belongs to the genre of idle role-playing games. It was created by Ajoy Lab Games and launched for the first time in 2018. The game is consistent with both iOS and Android. In TapTap Heroes, players must collect a squad of heroes and battle their way through an assortment of stages and levels. 

Players can recruit around 200 heroes from six factions, each with distinct talents and capabilities. The game’s fighting mechanism is fully automated, allowing players to passively see their heroes battle their adversaries. The robust growth system in TapTap Heroes enables players to develop their characters, outfit them with powerful equipment, and unlock new powers. There are too day by day exercises, challenges, and grants to preserve player inspiration. 

The game is free to play, but in-app buys are accessible for gamers who wish to progress more rapidly or pick up extra assets. Generally, TapTap Heroes could be a fun and charming amusement that has pulled in an expansive number of players since its discharge. The game’s interface is planned to be instinctive and user-friendly, with an assortment of viewpoints that grant a curiously and immersive involvement for players.

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Unique Features of TapTap Heroes MOD APK

Ajoy Lab Games has developed and distributed the popular mobile role-playing game TapTap Heroes. Several elements of the game make it enjoyable and intriguing for players. Here are some of TapTap Heroes’ most prominent characteristics:

Gather and Train Heroes:

The game features a plethora of heroes, each with its abilities and capabilities. Gamers can procure heroes by completing levels, partaking in occasions, or obtaining them from the in-game shop. Thereafter, players can train and equip their heroes with equipment and artifacts to strengthen them.

Epic Battles:

TapTap Heroes delivers visually attractive and entertaining battles. The arena mode pits players against other players, while the story mode pits them against bosses. There are also team encounters in which players can collaborate with other players to defeat mighty bosses.

Gameplays and beneficent rewards:

There is a tonne of exciting games, such as Hero Expedition, Den of Secrets and Techniques, Planet Trial, and many more, waiting to be discovered. There are many events, such as the Hero’s Chest, Fortune Wheel, and Miracle Tree, that promise excellent rewards.


Extraordinary power:

This game includes a variety of characters that have a special power. It is important to know about the powers and usage up to circumstances other than the extra energy will be wasted. 

Team up:

This gaming interface provides versatile options to users they can build a group of players. They can play games with their close friends and any other person online. Furthermore, the user will get interact and make chat with team members.

Unblock booster shots:

All the booster shorts will unlock for free and hack the version of this game.

Customize setting:

Mod APK is the best version of the game which has a variability of settings and preferences according to the user’s thinking. You can customize the settings according to the right use of features.

Make squad:

You can make a strong and wishing squad in the game where you can add and remove any person from your team. This feature is included in the non-paid version. 

How to install

Everything has a process for getting sustained for the working, so if you want to download and play this game you have to follow the steps described as under;

Step 1: Download “TapTap Heroes MOD APK”.

Step 2: Install “TapTap Heroes MOD APK” without the use of the internet.

Step 3: Open the installer and complete your process.

Step 4: Le it installs completely on your Android device.

Step 5: When installation gets finished open the app o your phone and enjoy every second you spent playing.


The requirements for the TapTap Heroes are including the operating system of version 4.4. this will download on the android platform. Furthermore, it does not need any root. These are certain requirements for downloading and playing the game.

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How many characters are in TapTap Heroes?

It includes 200 characters for playing the battles.

Is TapTap Heroes a Pay to-win game?

TapTap Heroes, most significantly, is not a pay-to-win game. Even though VIP features are kept behind a paywall, you can acquire access to them for free by leveling up your account.

Can I play the game on a PC or Laptop?

The MOD APK version is available for Android because it has a specially customized version for mobile systems. Furthermore, if you want to play the game on a PC or laptop you need to download software like Bluestick that will make the version able to run at the PC administrator.

Is this game safe to use for my phone?

When you will run the MOD APK version it will never affect the performance of your phone. Your private data will also be safe in this version of the game.

Can I enjoy this version offline?

Yes, TapTap Heroes MOD APK can moreover play without any web association. 

How do you increase the VIP level of TapTap Heroes?

By purchasing gift sets or crystals, you can elevate your VIP status. Each VIP tier comes with a unique set of perks. The more prominent your VIP level, the more noteworthy your rewards. Each increment in VIP level is went with by a VIP prize. 

Can I download the game at no cost? 

Yes, you’ll be able download the diversion at no cost. 


TapTap Heroes mod apk is a fun, addicting mobile game for RPG and idle game fans. TapTap Heroes‘ stunning graphics, strategic gameplay, and wide hero roster have won over many players. TapTap Heroes features something for everyone, from fun games to hard adventures. The game’s welcoming community and frequent updates keep it new and engaging. TapTap Heroes is a fun, interesting mobile game that can be played anywhere.

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