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Get unlimited calls and texts with a local phone number.
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Oct 16, 2023
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TextNow apk began in 2009 as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app, providing users with a U.S. phone number for calls and texts over WiFi. Over time, it has undergone a remarkable transformation into a fully-fledged Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) through a partnership with the Nationwide Sprint Network. With this fun app, the experience of connecting with friends and family is elevated.

Share files like photos and videos, similar to other instant messaging apps, and enjoy the added benefit of free, unlimited calls and texts to Nationwide Sprint Networks in the U.S.

and Canada. Voice calls between TextNow users are entirely free, and the inclusion of emoticons and pictures in your messages enhances your communication experience.

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TextNow Apk

What is TextNow?

Say hello to the TextNow app for Android, your gateway to a free phone number for seamless calling and texting. While originally designed with North America in mind, this app has evolved to offer so much more. 

When you sign up, TextNow gives you the power to choose from a selection of phone numbers. This number becomes your virtual identity. This enables you to send text messages and make phone calls to other users within the United States and Canada.

The app launched in 2009 as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app. It initially provided users with a U.S. phone number for making calls and texting over WiFi. Over time, it has transformed into a full-fledged mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). By partnering with the Nationwide Sprint Network in the U.S., TextNow now offers wireless coverage for your smartphone, ensuring you’re always connected.

TextNow makes connecting with friends and family a brShare files, such as photos and videos, just like you would on any other instant messaging app. What’s more, enjoy free, unlimited calls and texts to Nationwide Sprint Networks in the U.S. and Canada.

Voice calls between TextNow users are absolutely free. Communicate with emoticons and pictures embedded in your messages as part of the standard service. Messages are delivered at the same speed as your existing phone package, so there’s no delay. This amazing app throws in voicemail and calls forwarding for your convenience.

Key Features

  • Nationwide Talk & Text, No Bill
  • Affordable High-Speed Data
  • Add a Second Number
  • Cheap International Calls
  • WiFi & Mobile Calling
  • Free Choice of U.S. Area Codes
  • Personalization & Sync

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Features of TextNow Apk

Free U.S. Phone Number

This app provides users with a completely free U.S.

Phone number of their choice. You can select an area code that suits your needs or preferences.

Simple Registration

Signing up for TextNow is a hassle-free process. You can create an account quickly, typically requiring only basic information like your name and email address.

Simple Registration

The sign-up process for the app is incredibly straightforward. You can establish an account swiftly, typically requiring minimal information such as your name and email address. This simplicity ensures a hassle-free start.

Multiple Burner Lines

TextNow stands out by enabling users to add multiple burner lines to a single account. This means you can possess distinct phone numbers for various purposes without needing multiple devices or physical SIM cards. It’s an exceptional feature for personal and professional versatility.

No Subscription or Contracts

 Unlike conventional mobile carriers that often enforce lengthy contracts or monthly subscription commitments, this app offers complete freedom.

You don’t have to be concerned about ongoing costs or commitments of any kind when using its services. Users of TextNow can call and text at no additional cost without any limitations. You have no restrictions on how many calls you can make or how many texts you may send and receive. For people with high communication needs, this wealth of communication resources is extremely advantageous.

No App Required for Recipients

 A standout feature of this entertaining app is that the individuals you communicate with need not install the TextNow app. You can call or message anyone with a standard phone number, making it exceptionally versatile for reaching a wide array of contacts.

Identity Protection

TextNow prioritizes your privacy by offering temporary numbers.

This feature proves invaluable when engaging in transactions or interactions where privacy and security are paramount. Temporary numbers add an extra layer of confidentiality.

Select Vanity Numbers

TextNow goes a step further in personalization with its Vanity Numbers feature, allowing you to truly make your phone number your own. Vanity numbers enable you to customize your phone number by selecting specific digits or patterns that are meaningful to you. For example, you can choose a number that spells out your name, a favorite word, or a significant date.

Vanity numbers are inherently memorable. They stand out because they aren’t just random digits; they carry meaning. This can be particularly useful in personal or business contexts where you want others to easily remember your phone number without having to jot it down.

For businesses and professionals, vanity numbers can convey a professional image.

Identity Protection

In the digital age, safeguarding your personal information and maintaining privacy is paramount. This application provides users with the option to use temporary phone numbers for certain interactions or situations. These numbers are not tied to your personal identity or permanent contact information.

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Download TextNow APK

Start by downloading the TextNow APK – just hit that download button above. Once it’s installed, the possibilities are endless. Sign up to claim your free phone number with any area code across the United States. You can add multiple burner lines without the hassle of subscriptions or contracts. No SIM card swapping is needed. With TextNow, you’re in control, and it gets even better—unlimited calling and texting are at your fingertips.

What sets TextNow apart? Enjoy free calls and SMS using either WiFi or your cellular data, just like the functionality you find on WhatsApp. Your friends don’t need the TextNow app to receive your calls.

Worried about privacy? Relax, TextNow has you covered with temporary numbers that let you make calls easily and anonymously. Plus, you can pick vanity numbers that might not be available from the big players like AT&T or Verizon. In a world where communication is king, TextNow APK empowers you to connect, converse, and control your identity like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unlimited possibilities. Download now and join the communication evolution.

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  • Download TextNow APK
  • Get a FREE US Phone Number
  • Simple Registration
  • Multiple Burner Lines
  • Unlimited Calling & Texting
  • Enjoy WiFi or Cellular Data
  • No App Needed for Recipients
  • Protect Your Identity
  • Choose Vanity Numbers


Is TextNow APK available for free?

Yes, TextNow is available for free, and you can download the APK without incurring any upfront costs. The app offers core features like texting and calling at no charge. However, it is ad-supported, meaning you may see advertisements within the app. For users seeking an ad-free experience and additional features, TextNow offers subscription options at a cost.

Is TextNow APK available for iOS devices?

Certainly, TextNow is available not only for Android devices but also for iOS devices.

You can easily find and download the app from the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Can I use TextNow APK to make international calls?

Yes, TextNow APK allows you to make international calls to over 230 countries at affordable rates, starting at less than $0.01 per minute.

What is the advantage of TextNow’s nationwide coverage with a SIM card?

TextNow offers nationwide coverage with its SIM card, providing access to the same network and coverage as leading carriers without the hefty bill.

This allows you to make calls and send texts from anywhere in the U.S., even without WiFi.

Can I customize my phone number with TextNow APK?

Yes, TextNow allows you to choose from numerous U.S. area codes, giving you the flexibility to select a phone number that suits your preferences.


Since its launch in 2009 as a VoIP app, TextNow APK has transformed into a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in partnership with the Nationwide Sprint Network.

With TextNow’s nationwide coverage and SIM card option, users can enjoy the benefits of a full-fledged mobile network operator without the hefty costs associated with traditional carriers. Furthermore, the app’s flexibility in choosing U.S.

Area codes allow users to personalize their phone numbers to their preferences.

In a world where communication is essential, TextNow APK empowers users to connect, converse, and control their identity like never before. In a world where communication is paramount, TextNow APK empowers users to connect, converse, and control their identity like never before. Download TextNow APK and experience the evolution of communication for yourself.

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