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Join more than 150 million others who have downloaded textPlus - the best free phone number app for unlimited free texting and calling. textPlus allows you to call, text, and message your friends with a real phone number - no phone service required! Send free, unlimited SMS and MMS texts to any US phone number, and call nearly any phone number worldwide. That means you can reach all of your friends and family, even if they don’t have the textPlus app installed.
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Oct 10, 2023
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Using your phone number, you can send messages to anybody around the globe using the texting and calling software TextPlus, including those in North America and Canada. Download the TextPlus Mod Apk to get unlimited minutes and free international calling and texting.

It costs a lot to text and call high-end nations like the USA, the UK, and Canada. Nobody can afford to call these nations frequently. As a result, you can benefit from tools like the TextPlus Premium App to obtain all these services without paying a dime.

It is more crucial to remember that. There are two versions of this calling app: free and premium. You can only obtain a limited number of free minutes in the free version. However, the premium version allows you to experience it.

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Textplus mod APK

What is the TextPlus Mod Apk?

Connect worldwide using your phone number, spanning all countries. With Textplus Mod APK, you can enjoy unlimited minutes for free calls and messages globally. Plus, for some fun, turbocharge your communication by downloading the Turbo APK to send multiple prank messages to your friends.

Discover a whole new way to stay connected and communicate freely on your Android device with the Textplus APK. It’s like having your very own Skype for modern-day connections.

Signing up is your key to unlocking a world of features within the Textplus APK. For those in search of more than just communication, Cupidabo Mod APK is here to enrich your experience. Engage in chat and video calls and even find potential dates, all within the realm of this versatile app.

Textplus Mod APK offers the freedom to send messages and make voice calls without worrying about expenses. New users are greeted with free credits upon signing up, ensuring you can dive into limitless communication from the get-go.

While messaging and voice calls are free, exploring premium features and calling other numbers may require a subscription, providing you with even more options to tailor your communication. Whether you choose to find Textplus APK on the Google Play Store or opt for a hassle-free download from this very article, seamless connectivity is just a step away.

And for those who crave more connectivity options, don’t miss out on other exceptional apps like IMO APK Download, which open up new realms of communication. Join the movement to reshape global communication with Textplus APK.

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Textplus mod APK

Key Features

  • No more expensive international messaging charges.
  • Distance is no barrier to meaningful conversations.
  • Experience top-quality voice and video calls that erase the miles between you.
  • Whether you’re already using our Android app or eagerly awaiting the iPhone release, we’re dedicated to enhancing your communication.
  •  Communication should never break the bank.
  • Enjoy all the features without opening your wallet.
  • Leave behind outdated apps that limit you.
  • Welcome to a world where distance vanishes and conversations know no limits.
  • Experience the future today.
  • Download now from the Google Play Store, and watch out for the upcoming iOS version.
  • Step into an era that eradicates barriers and brings people closer.
  • Rediscover communication – download now!

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Textplus mod APK

Unlimited Free Texting

With this MOD version, you can remain in touch with friends and family while traveling and send an unlimited number of SMS. Users of Text Plus may continue their discussions without being concerned about data caps or pricey plans. 

It takes time to send a message to more than one or two persons, which is why group text options are available. To test the group you wish to speak with, you must add individuals to it. When you’re searching for something to do with your buddies to pass the time, try group texting.

A simple interface

The UI of TextPlus is user-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive. The most recent version of Textplus mod apk comes with added features, including the ability to change themes and backgrounds and have access to extra material like stickers and gifs. 

Make free calls

In addition to limitless texting, free international calling is also available. There won’t be any extra fees imposed on you. You won’t need to buy anything extra to make calls for a very long time. Here, everything is free.

You can make calls as much as you like for free anywhere in the globe. Additionally, customers have always been free to make calls without having to buy anything extra. Here, everything is free. It is crucial to know that this Android software is completely free to use and download. Therefore, use this wonderful program to take advantage of the cost-free international calls and messages.

Sound and graphics quality

Textplus Mod APK provides vibrant pictures that give talks a more lively and interesting appearance. 

When conversing with friends or family, the background music in TextPlus Mod APK offers an added layer of ambiance and can be turned off if preferred. Additionally, users can always tell when someone is typing or sending a message thanks to the sharp and clear sound effects.

Globally supported

No one is able to place a long call to these countries. You can therefore make use of this app’s benefit to get all of these services for nothing. It is now simple to use your Android phone to make free calls and send texts. As the finest free phone with unlimited texting and calling, this software has been downloaded by more than 250 million people.

Tips and tricks for Textplus mod apk

  • Stay effortlessly connected with friends and family through the group chat feature. Engage in lively discussions without the need for lengthy phone calls or emails. 
  • Infuse your conversations with a touch of your personality. Customize backgrounds, fonts, and colors. Elevate the visual experience, making every interaction a reflection of your individual style.
  • Don’t let messages slip through the cracks. Bid farewell to missed messages and maintain a seamless flow of communication.
  • Elevate your expression game beyond mere words. Emojis possess the ability to convey emotions, thoughts, and reactions in ways that words alone often fall short of. 
  • Before embarking on your TextPlus journey, ensure that all necessary permissions requested by the TextPlus Mod APK are granted.

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Textplus mod APK

How do I download TextPlus Mod Apk?

Step 1: Open your search engine

Open your Chrome browser and go to your source for secure and reliable APK downloads.

Step 2: Search for the Mod

In the search bar of your Chrome, type in “textplus mod apk unlimited credits” and hit enter. This will direct you to the most recent version of the TextPlus Mod APK.

Step 3: Choose the Latest Version

Browse through the search results and select the latest version of the TextPlus Mod APK. Ensuring you have the latest version guarantees access to the most up-to-date features.

Step 4: Initiate the Download

Once you’ve found the desired version, locate and click on the “Textplus mod apk download” button. This will initiate the download process for the APK file.

Step 5: Locate the Downloaded File

After the download is complete, navigate to your device’s file explorer or downloads folder to find the downloaded APK file.

Step 6: Install the APK

Tap on the downloaded APK file to begin the installation process. Your device may prompt you to install apps from unknown sources; simply grant the necessary permissions to proceed.

Step 7: Follow the Installation Instructions

Follow the on-screen instructions that appear during the installation process. These instructions could include confirming permissions, agreeing to terms, and customizing settings.

Step 8: Installation Complete

Once the installation is successfully completed, you’re all set! Launch the TextPlus MOD app from your device’s home screen.

Step 9: Enjoy the MOD Features

You now have access to unlimited credits and premium features within TextPlus MOD. Utilize these enhanced functionalities to enjoy a communication experience like never before.


Is this software simple to use?

Yes, the textPlus app is simpler to use, and after you’ve finished the sign-up procedure, you can start sending messages and placing calls. You can have wonderful conversational moments with a new private number.

Is TextPlus Mod Apk free to use?

Yes, Search TextPlus’ premium edition is totally free. You can get the Text Plus Mod APK for free. It is free to download.

Is there advertising in this Mod?

No advertising is included in the Text Plus Mod APK.

Is iOS compatible with the Textplus Mod APK?

No, only Android-based smartphones may use it.

Are there any in-app purchases in Mod?

Not at all; there are no in-app purchases.


Use the Text Pro Mod Apk to make messaging enjoyable and simple. You may use the Text Plus app mod apk to send and receive unlimited texts and calls online. Unlimited messages, calls, and even group conversations are available with the mod apk. 

This software is entirely free and is currently only accessible to Android users. The chance exists that the developer will make this program available for iPhone users in an iOS format.

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